Hands-On Workshop: Featured Artist Alison Foshee

Saturday, March 29 • 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Over the past fifteen years, Material Transformations featured artist Alison Foshee has been “exploring the artistic potential of everyday stuff.” This spring, MOCA is proud to offer a one-day workshop for adults with this innovative mixed media artist from Portland. Self-defined as “craft sciences,” Foshee’s work takes patience integral to craft, insight found in the most conceptual art, and beauty that is truly universal. Foshee makes thumbtacks and pushpins explode into extravagant floral arrangements, staples trace the jagged contour of a leaf, and office labels spin out in hot, firecracker explosions. Sign up for a unique opportunity to work with the artist as she shares her process and inspires you to create your own original piece of art.


Above Alison Foshee: Raven, 2013. Office labels on white paper. Courtesy of the artist.

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