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Sunday ArtFusion

January 5 – April 27, 2014 Noon–4 p.m.

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ArtFusion is a Sunday afternoon program for families, free with paid admission and for members, that provides a creative and inspiring environment for children to work with their parents or adult caregivers. Enrich your creative mind through hands-on projects related to the Permanent Collection and the current featured exhibition. ArtFusion takes place most Sundays on the fifth floor from noon–4 p.m. and is led by a professional art educator, so come by anytime and join this invigorating creative interaction.

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January 5

Fresco Painting on Tiles: Bring back the time-old tradition of fresco painting by creating your own plaster tiles and paintings.

January 12

Yarn Canvases: Criss-cross and stitch your favorite colors to create your needlepoint.

January 19

Scratch Art: Scratch this special paper to reveal your own image and design.

January 26

Butterfly Punch Art: Using a special butterfly punch, create your own work of art inspired by exhibition artist Paul Villinski.

February 2

Gyotaku: Discover the Japanese art of printmaking called Gyotaku.

February 9

Science and Art MOSH/MOCA: Join us for a special day with MOSH educators for a fun mix of art and science!

February 16

Packing Tape Sculptures: Create your own unique tape sculpture in the style of exhibition artist Rune Olsen.

February 23

Shapes with Staples: Have you ever thought to make art out of staples? Alison Foshee did, and now you can staple your own designs on paper!

March 2

Pearl Collage: Angela Ellsworth’s sculptures are made from more than 20,000 pearl corsage pins. Use her work to inspire your own version by collaging beads into beautiful patterns.

March 9

Paper Garbage Sculptures: Making even trash beautiful, this project is inspired by Johnston Foster’s work.

March 16

Chinese Lanterns: See Kirsten Hassenfeld’s luminary works in the gallery and create a paper-patterned lantern for your home.

March 23

Nature Made: This project created from Lucrecia Troncoso’s work is both eco-friendly and beautiful.

March 30

Bottle Cap Creations: Whether you have your own collection or want to use ours, we can help you create something neat from all those leftover plastic bottle caps.

April 6

Rainbow Artists Exhibition Reception and Activities: Educators share fun activities from our Rainbow Artists: Art and Autism Across the Spectrum program.

April 13

Oil Pastels: Oil pastel colors are rich, vibrant and just fun to use! Experiment with this medium to create your own drawings.

April 20

Easter: No ArtFusion

April 27

Origami Folding: Learn to make shapes, animals, and more through the art of origami.