One Spark, April 7-12

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MOCA is NOW. What does that mean? MOCA stands for the Museum of Contemporary Art. MOCA promotes the art, artists, and ideas of our time. That means NOW.

During One Spark, MOCA Jacksonville, a cultural resource of the University of North Florida, unleashes a year’s worth of programming in six days, with dozens of innovative mini-programs that help visitors discover and appreciate contemporary art. It’s all free, and there are even opportunities to win some prizes.

Visitors can sample bite-sized versions of popular Museum programs and know something is always happening NOW at MOCA. Here are a few examples:


Al Letson, host of State of the Re:Union and other public radio programs and a member of MOCA Jacksonville Board of Trustees, performs an energetic spoken word piece that defines what MOCA means. Look for the video on MOCA Jacksonville’s website, Facebook page, and in the theater.

One Spark Film Projects

MOCA Jacksonville hosts five film creators whose work screens in the theater three or four times a day throughout One Spark: Can Art Define A City?, The Fort Mosé Story, Person/The Grey Area, The John Marcus Project, and Ocean Pond.

Pop-up Gallery

The term “pop-up” describes the process of transforming the space, where new works “pop-up” and appear like magic for all to experience. Throughout the festival, one gallery features new works each day, not only offering an element of surprise—now you see it, now you don’t—but also presenting the breadth and depth of MOCA Jacksonville’s Permanent Collection and exhibition program. Tiny Tours of the Pop-up Gallery occur daily throughout One Spark.

Rooftop Launch

See what falls from the sky at 5 p.m. April 11. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch a piece of WHITE. MOCA Jacksonville partnered with downtown business Forge 3D Printing Studio to create an innovative surprise.

Hide and Seek

Each day during One Spark, MOCA Jacksonville will hide a small white sculpture, inspired by the WHITE exhibition, somewhere in the 20-block festival footprint. The Museum partnered with Forge 3D Printing Studio to create the sculpture. Look for clues on MOCA Jacksonville’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds under #MOCAisNOW. Whoever finds the object can take it to MOCA Jacksonville to receive a free dual or family membership.

Party Projects

Participate in collaborative art projects inspired by the WHITE exhibition on the sidewalk in front of MOCA Jacksonville.

Tiny Tours

MOCA Jacksonville curators and educators lead 10-minute tours of specific works throughout the Museum. Learn some amazing facts to impress your friends. Those who attend Tiny Tours receive a special gift.

Teeny Talks

MOCA Jacksonville curators and educators lead 10-minute talks about exhibitions. Those who attend Teeny Talks receive a special gift.

Photo Booth

A free photo booth features themes from MOCA Jacksonville exhibitions and programs. Share your pictures on social media with #MOCAisNOW!

First Coast Connect

Melissa Ross hosts WJCT’s popular radio program from the MOCA Jacksonville theater. Grab a seat in the audience to watch the show recorded at 8 p.m. April 7-9 to air the following mornings.

Electro Lounge

WJCT’s David Luckin plays relaxing, laid-back sounds of downtempo, nu jazz, reggae, and dub in the MOCA Jacksonville theater at 7:30 p.m. April 7-9.

WJXT Studio

Channel 4 sets up a studio in the MOCA Shop to broadcast live for its morning, noon, and evening programs throughout One Spark. Watch the reporters and anchors in action!

Throwback Thursday

During One Spark 2014, thousands of visitors streamed into MOCA Jacksonville to view Project Atrium: Shaun Thurston, a monumental mural of colorful crystals that symbolized the growth of the arts in Jacksonville. He went on to win the One Spark juried art prize and donated half of his winnings to MOCA Jacksonville to sponsor Project Atrium: Angela Glajcar, on display during One Spark 2015. On April 9, look for several #TBT celebrations of Thurston and his work, including pieces in the Pop-up Gallery, a Teeny Talk, and a Photo Booth background.

Café Nola Specials and Craft Cocktails

Escape the chaos of the festival and have a seat in this upscale bistro with a relaxed setting where the South meets the Mediterranean. Café Nola features lunch and dinner specials throughout One Spark. Or grab a specially crafted cocktail at the lobby bar.

Curators + Cocktails

Grab a drink at the bar, then join a curator in the lobby to answer your questions about art, exhibitions, and MOCA Jacksonville.

Art Fusion

Take part in a fun and informative art-making program for families led by a professional art educator each day during One Spark. Enrich your creative mind through hands-on projects related to the Permanent Collection or the current Featured Exhibition.

Adult Art

These demonstrations help grown-ups learn a few tips on drawing portraits and throwing clay.

Shop Sightings

Local artists demonstrate their work that is available to purchase in the MOCA Shop.


Celebrate WHITE and One Spark in style! On April 7-8, MOCA Jacksonville members dressed all in white to commemorate the Featured Exhibition receive a complimentary beer or glass of wine.


Visitors are encouraged to share what they’re doing NOW at MOCA Jacksonville by posting on social media with this hashtag.