Do you allow weddings and/or wedding receptions at MOCA?

Yes, simply contact our Manager of Facilities Rental at 904-620-3226 rentals[at]mocajacksonville.org to schedule an appointment to view the facility.

Can I use my own caterer or bring in my own food or beverage service?

No. The Museum has an exclusive catering agreement with CafĂ© Nola for both food and beverage. The only exception would be “kosher” foods or a wedding/celebrational cake.

I want to have a party at the Museum. Can I charge people to come to it?

No. The Museum does not allow outside parties to charge admission for any event.

Is membership to MOCA a requirement for renting the museum for an event?

Yes, we offer this as a benefit with any membership. Join Now

I need help planning my event. Do you have preferred vendors that can assist me in a/v needs, floral designs, decorations, etc.?

Yes, we have a number of companies that we have worked with locally that can provide excellent service for your party needs. Please contact the Manager of Facilities Rental at 904-620-3226 or rentals[at]mocajacksonville.org.